Residential Roofing Services For Your Home In Lake Stevens, WA.

Your home requires a sound roof.

What type of roof should I choose?

If you are needing a new roof replacement, our roofers at Roof Warriors have been installing Asphalt Shingle roofing, Cedar roofing, and Metal roofing on residential homes throughout Lake Stevens, WA, and surrounding areas. We are happy to discuss the pros and cons of each roofing material, provide warranty information, and costs associated to help you make the best decision for your home!

Roof maintenance tips

Roof Warriors believes maintenance can go a long way to extending the life of your roof. For your existing roof, we are glad to come out and give a free inspection. If general roof maintenance is needed we are happy to take care of that for you. This also includes cleaning your gutters or a quick roof tune-up just before winter.

Shingle roof with skylight

We sometimes get asked by homeowners if there is anything they can do to stay on top of things and we say absolutely! Look for roof stains as this could be algae growing on your roof using your roof as its food source. Also if you have large trees or limbs making their way onto your roof, have these pruned.

Keep us in mind for all of your routine maintenance to make sure your investment lasts as long as possible. Our roofers are skilled and experienced in providing the care you need to keep your home well maintained for many years to come.

Inexpensive roof repairs

There are some inexpensive repairs that homeowners encounter but require action sooner than later. Items such as a deteriorated pipe boot or the flashing around your chimney might need to be replaced. The good news is it’s an easy fix, but if you’re seeing a water stain on your ceiling, that means water is making its way inside. If this is you, call us out right away so we can repair your roof before it becomes a more expensive repair. Unfortunately, a roof leak will only get worse.

Call us out for a free inspection of your roof!

Let’s determine if your current roof needs a few maintenance repairs or if you are needing a new roof replacement. Our roofing contractors will always provide you with an honest evaluation of your roof’s condition and you as the homeowner can decide your next steps. You will see quickly that Roof Warriors is a dependable roofing company with a customer-focused approach to our business. Our experienced roofers will answer any questions, provide you with free estimates on repairing or replacing your current roof, and work hard until the job is complete. Give us a call today at 360-873-7663.

Roof Warriors

We are licensed and insured primarily serving Lake Stevens, WA along with Everett, Marysville, Arlington, Snohomish, Stanwood, Mukilteo, Granite Falls, Monroe, Edmonds, Gold Bar, Silvana, Mill Creek, and Sultan, WA. In addition to free inspections and free estimates, we have financing options available. Our roofing contractors take pride in their work and accept all jobs no matter how big or how small. Our goal is to be your go-to for all of your roofing needs.

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